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English grown fragrant flowers for weddings, events and every day enjoyment


Here at Willow Green Flower Farm, we grow beautiful seasonal blooms in the English countryside. Often the flowers we grow cannot be found in the supermarket or florist which means our bouquets are unique with the freshest flowers at their seasonal best. 

Why British Flowers?


In Britain we import nearly ninety percent of the cut flowers sold here. These are often flown thousands of miles to get to us and drenched in chemicals to prolong their life. 

However here in Britain there is a growing trend for small artisan flower farmers growing fresh seasonal blooms with minimal chemicals, and the results are fragrant fresh and fabulous. 

Seasonal and local


From Spring through to autumn there are always new and different flowers blooming as the seasons go by. In winter we supply Christmas wreaths and decorations made with fresh British grown or foraged foliage, fruit, flowers and berries 

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Willow Green flower farm

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